Sheet black
structual steel started by quality ST 37.2, high - temperature, tough at subzero, fine grained structural, resistant to weathering,struct, heat treatable steel, high pressure hydrogenation vessels

width to 4000 mm
length to
14000 mm

Flat, Round, Angels, a.o.
started by quality      ST 37.2, and higher qualities

started by quality ST 37.2, ST 52.3, 15 Mo 3, TPS 355, Fritenar 355

Case hardening steels
flat, round + sheets

Heat-treatable steels
flat, round + sheets

Nitriding steels

Rails + Cranerails
plus accessories

Tubes + Accessory
started by quality ST 37.0, high - temperature a.o.

in the same qualities as tubes

Stainless steel
started by quality 1.4301 to highest quality - also alloy - sheets, flat, round, angles, beams, a.o.

Non ferro materials
sheets, flat, round, angles, a.o. Aluminium, Cooper,tubes + accessory, flanges, Titan, Bronce, a.o.

All materials we can different as qualities, delivery with certificat at DIN/EN, WZ 2.2, APZ 3.1B, APZ 3.1A, APZ 3.1C - tested by an Inspectioninstitutes to  you wish.

black, galvaniced, stainless steel, aluminum, glassfibre for all industries

dowel in plastic and steel for steelconstruction

Forget freeform steel
black + stainless in different qualities

cutting cold + plasma, lasern at 20 mm,

fold     at 50 mm       thickness length  12 mtr
           at 20 mm       thickness length  20 mtr

It is not possible to list all qualities available.

Please tell us the what qualities you need and we will inform you promptly if we are able to deliver. 

Please give us your quotations. 

A prompt answer to your inquiries and orders is guaranteed. 

The delivery can be by Truck, Rail, Vessel, o.o., free or unfree. 

The documents  (Freightletter, Bill of loading, certificat of origin o.o.) we will supply, if you need.